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Small Batch Brews

Guest Taps 

Hybrid 2020 Pale Ale

Need your 2020 year to be a bit better? Well, we brought back our most popular beer. Based on our original Hybrid Pale Ale recipe then dry hopped and tweaked to be a bit lighter. It still supports the term "easy drinker" and has a gentle citrus hoppiness

Caddo Blond Ale

The Caddo Nation enters a written history in the chronicles of the Hernando de Soto expedition, when the Spaniards crossed over into Caddo territory in 1542. The Spaniards entered a nation that was set apart from all others by language, social structure, tradition, and way of life. The Caddo people were sedentary farmers, salt makers, hunters, traders, craftsmen, and creators of exquisite pottery, which can still be awed over in local museums and visitor centers. The Caddo Blond ale is also unique among the other taps, light and smooth with a mild fruitiness, it is becoming a favorite.

Beers On Tap

Gold Rush IPA

"There's gold in them hills!" least some people thought there was in 1887 in the nearby Trap Mountains. Amity was briefly hit with Gold Fever, but as quickly as it came, it ended, as the rumors turned out to be false. This IPA will hit you like gold fever, it is a medium body, bittered with hops that bring a nice stone fruit flavor to the table, and it's teetering on the edge of a double with its high ABV that will have you heading for the hills. 

Bagpiper's Scottish Wee Heavy

The Scottish heritage that Arkansas has is celebrated with a yearly festival in Northern AR, you can hear the bagpiper's playing their tunes from a distance. It has influenced many aspects of the culture, and now, a delicious Scotttish influenced beer. Deep copper, caramel notes, smooth, medium body, and light hops make this a very drinkable "heavy".

Fire Tower Stout

After one of the largest fires in US history burned up a large area of the Northwest in 1910, early fire detection became a priority for the Forest Service. Forest Fire Lookouts emerged all over the nation. At the peak of their use, Arkansas had 122 known fire towers in operation. With the advance in technology, the towers were eventually retired, but there are still 10 that serve a a reminder for the passing tourist as historical sites. This stout will keep you on fire-watch with its smoky aroma attributed to the cherrywood smoked malt. Dark, coffee, chocolate, bitter, and medium body.

Snacks and Full Fledged Meals

Thyme 4 Food  trailer is right outside our patio sharing the same operating hours as us

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Ouachita Porter

Ouachita (pronounced wa-shi-ta or o-wa-chi-ta), is  great representation of why Arkansas is called the Natural State. Stemming from the name of the tribe that lived on this land long before us, Ouachita has been given to mark many natural resources including lake, river, mountain range and many more man-made establishments. Chocolatey, smooth, mild flavor, medium body.

Elusive Oatmeal Cream Stout

Hidden deep in the mountains, and rarely seen, they are there. The screams of a mountain lion are something many of Arkansas' oldtimers will tell you stories about. Dark as the night this creamy, lusious, smooth beer only comes around seasonally, spot it while you can.


Old Fashioned Rootbeer

Non- Alcoholic soda

Made from scratch, our house recipe has been perfected. Brewed with a long list of roots, herbs, and spices, sweetened with cane sugar and molasses. This non-alcoholic treat will take you back in time to the soda shoppe where something similar was served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!