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Gold Rush IPA

"There's gold in them hills!" least some people thought there was in 1887 in the nearby Trap Mountains. Amity was briefly hit with Gold Fever, but as quickly as it came, it ended, as the rumors turned out to be false. This IPA will hit you like gold fever, it is a medium body, bittered with hops that bring a nice stone fruit flavor to the table, and it's teetering on the edge of a double with its high ABV that will have you heading for the hills. 

Roots Irish Red

Paying homage to the Irish heritage that Arkansas has, which has influenced many aspects of the culture, such as music and speech. Our red is influenced by the smoothness and simplicity of reds from Ireland, its an easy drinkin', front porch pickin' kind of brew. This ale is just one more way to appreciate our roots.

Fire Tower Stout

After one of the largest fires in US history burned up a large area of the Northwest in 1910, early fire detection became a priority for the Forest Service. Forest Fire Lookouts emerged all over the nation. At the peak of their use, Arkansas had 122 known fire towers in operation. With the advance in technology, the towers were eventually retired, but there are still 10 that serve a a reminder for the passing tourist as historical sites. This stout will keep you on fire-watch with its smoky aroma attributed to the cherrywood smoked malt.

Light Bites

Spent Grain Bread    $6

Locally made Spent grain bread made from our very own spent grain that went into the making of one of our brews. Served with seasonally influenced jam or jelly and butter.

Cheese Ball with Crackers    $5

A house made cheese ball served with spent grain crackers made from the same delicious grain as our bread. 

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Chips and Salsa    $3

Fresh house made mild salsa served with corn chips.


Elusive Oatmeal Cream Stout


Its a rare thing to see a beautiful mountain lion in Arkansas, but its not impossible. They are lurking in the mountains, watching their prey, living their lives out in the shadows. Smooth, dark, and luxurious, this OCS only comes out in the winter, catch it while you can.

Hybrid Pale Ale

Dogwoods are blooming, turkeys are gobbling, and the fish are biting. Our local lake, DeGray, is one of the best Hybrid fisheries in the state, these hybrids are a cross between a Striped Bass and a White Bass. With the anglers advantage of them being fast growers and easy to catch, many are eager to fight one in. But there is no fighting this brew, it is it's own kind of hybrid, hailing from its mother recipe Diamond Mine, this ale is lighter, with a little zing.

Copperhead IPA


Despite the beautiful copper color and shapely hourglass markings, a copperhead is nothing you want to stumble upon while hiking one of Arkansas trails. Thankfully their venomous bites are rarely fatal, and occasionally do not even contain any venom at all. Like the bite of a snake, this IPA will have you admiring its copper color than hit you with its “venomous'” habanero bite.

Old Fashioned Rootbeer

Non- Alcoholic soda

Made from scratch, our house recipe has been perfected. Brewed with a long list of roots, herbs, and spices, sweetened with cane sugar and molasses. This non-alcoholic treat will take you back in time to the soda shoppe where something similar was served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!