TEL: 870-342-5545  |  113 S Main St, Amity, Ark 71921

Where can we find your beers?


 In our quaint little taproom is the best place to find us, but we are now branching out to restaurants. We now have at least one beer at Queen Wilhemina State Park Lodge and Restaurant.



What are your policies for dogs in the taproom?


 We do serve food, so sorry, no animals in the taproom. You are welcome to tie your dog outside and we can provide water. Soon we will have outdoor seating where you and your furry friend can enjoy a cold brew (....well he can enjoy a cold bowl of water).



Are kids allowed?


 Its a brewery, not a bar. We have a young one of our own that accompanies us everyday. We try to keep the atmosphere family friendly and PG. We even have housemade root beer (and floats) to keep those kiddos happy.



Do you have food?


 We have filling and sharable snacks. You are welcome to bring a meal in from other restaurants, just do ignore our longing eyes and drooling. 




Do you rent kegs?


 Yes. See our keg rental page HERE, for our policies and tips.



Do you fill growlers from other places?


 Yes. Please remember to clean your growlers before bringing them in to be filled, that applies to ALL growlers we fill. Its best the very least....give them a good rinse after pouring the last beer out. And don't forget your gaskets after cleaning the stainless, we do not have extras.